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Sex Doll Options and Functions


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Discover the unique features and options of top-rated sex doll brands all in one place! Our multi-brand collection page offers you an easy way to explore the distinctive characteristics of each brand, ensuring you find the perfect doll to suit your desires.

Browse through the best-in-class selections, and dive into the world of realistic sex dolls from trusted and renowned manufacturers. Enhance your experience by choosing the right brand and options for you. Don’t miss out on the ultimate customizable pleasure with our comprehensive guide to the finest sex doll brands.



Common Options


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[accordion-item title=”Doll Body Type”]

The body shape of sex dolls has been molded, meaning that you cannot enlarge the breasts or lengthen the legs. However, if you don’t like the pre-selected head shown in the promotional images, you can mix and match detachable heads with any body shape (ideally, stick to the same brand to avoid color discrepancies or inconsistencies in neck screw sizes). Enjoy the freedom to customize your doll’s appearance to your liking by choosing the perfect head and body combination.

[accordion-item title=”Skin tone”]

Different manufacturers have a variety of skin tones ranging from white, fair, light tan, and dark tan for TPE sex dolls or silicone sex dolls.

Skin tone in different pictures may look different due to monitors, filters, photoshop, or cameras. When you select skin color, Please refer to the skin options on the product page or email us for a factory doll picture.

[accordion-item title=”Breast option”]

* Gel-filled breasts are bouncing!

    • Gel-filled breasts are injected with gel on the doll’s chest, giving them a more elastic and realistic texture.
    • Hollow breasts have an empty cavity inside, providing a softer feel.
    • Solid breasts are made from the same material as the doll itself and are integrated with the doll’s body.

Choose from these different breast options to find the perfect balance of comfort and realism for you.

[accordion-item title=”Skeleton type”]

* This is an upgraded skeleton made by WM Doll.

Most brands offer two types of skeletons for you to choose from.

  • Standard skeletons can meet general needs and allow for basic movements.
  • Upgraded skeletons, on the other hand, typically have a more complex and advanced design, providing greater flexibility. With an upgraded skeleton, you can position your doll in a wider variety of poses, such as the M-shaped leg posture or duck sitting, to cater to your unique preferences.

Choose the right skeleton type to suit your specific needs and desires.

[accordion-item title=”Vagina type”]

Fixed Vagina & Removable Vagina

  • Both the fixed vaginas and removable vaginas are textured and realistic.
  • The fixed vagina is a built-in vagina, permanently molded into the doll’s body.
  • The insert vagina option looks the same as the fixed vagina outside, but the internal opening is slightly wider to accommodate a removable “sleeve” insert. The sleeve can be removed and replaced with a new one. Also, it’s easier to clean.

Click to check how the removable vagina works (youtube).

Lubricant-Free Vagina

WM/YL/SE Doll now offers a lubricant-free vagina, it’s available for both fixed and removable vaginas. You can use the doll vagina without lubricant, and only with water.

Click to check how the lubricant-free vagina works (youtube).

[accordion-item title=”Pubic hair”]

We have 2 options for pubic hair: implanted and patch. Golden, brown, black color are available if you want.

[accordion-item title=”Standing option (foot style)”]

Most sex dolls have an option called “standing foot”. It adds 3 screws that extend from the footplate through the sole of the feet. The screws are easily noticeable and are supposed to act as hardpoint reinforcement so that standing weight doesn’t Squish, cut, or otherwise damage the delicate skin. However, since the screws protrude from the skin, these areas are prone to severely localized skin tears.

In short, never rely on your doll standing and supporting its own weight. Always use some kind of support to distribute weight and stabilize. Alternatively, use a specialized doll/mannequin fixture or stand. I know it can take away from the fantasy you may have but it is the reality of the dolls currently (TPE or silicone).

[accordion-item title=”Fingernails & Toenails”]

The nails of dolls from most brands are glued and can be removed. If you want to change your nails to a different color, you can simply remove the original nails and glue the new nails yourself.





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